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Retreat and Heal... A Safe Place to Heal

Reflexology Massage

sedona spa reflexology foot massageThis luxurious, deeply healing treatment, stimulates points on the feet, hands, and ears. Bringing balance and energy to organs, glands and every cell of the body. These points work in conjunction, with the brain, to either stimulate, or sedate our cells and organ/glands. When these points are worked in reflexology, the body is stimulated, to remember its natural state of balance. As your body is balanced, it then heals, and rejuvenates, on a cellular level.
Our essential oils, bring more energy and stimulation, and further enhance your body's memory, and healing. We utilize cooling peppermint, relaxing lavender, and refreshing rosemary, to induce a profound state of relaxation. Reflexology stimulates the flow of healing energy throughout your body, sending messages of healing, relaxation and balance to all systems. Our wellness spa professionals are certified reflexologist with years of training and experience. After your Reflexology session you will notice deep cellular healing and rejuvenation, alive with energy, and deep inner-peace.

$150 90 min.

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Retreat and Heal, I have never experienced a reflexology session like the one from your wellness spa. I felt every cell activated and alive with energy. And the relaxing cushions in your healing center are wonderful. I will be back often. ~Judy Phoenix

A Reflexology session from a certified therapist is certainly different from a foot rub. I felt so much healing and clearing I was amazed, and felt like I had a shower in all my cells. I felt alive with energy when I left. Thank you, Susan CA

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