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Red Eagle's Healing Therapy

red eagles healing therapy sedona spaOur most requested healing session. A special blending of years of training and healing experience, brings you a one of a kind healing treatment. Our Red Eagles Healing Therapy blends energy medicine, shiatsu, cranial release therapy, reflexology, shamanic healing, and emotional release therapy. We facilitate healing on the cellular level, while activating the immune functions, and clearing and cleansing the DNA and RNA. You will walk away from this experience transformed and energized. We will assist you to transform old cellular programming and response, that hold you back from being your full potential in health, and in life. Each session is tailored to your individual needs. Truly a magical experience. Available only with Annie or Jerry Red Eagle.

$175 90 min

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Red Eagle, I wanted to thank you for the life changing Red Eagle's Session. The voice healing seems a little strange in the beginning but wow-I have had pain in my low back for years, and your healing session disolved that pain(and it hasn't returned)! I have been talking to my organs and sending love each day. I was so disconected to my body and now I send love and gratitude to my organs and cells each day. I feel so balanced and connected like I never felt before. Thank you Red Eagle for sharing your sacred healing energies. Rob CA

Annie and Red Eagle, I found you and set up a Day Package for myself and a friend. What a wonderful day of healing. Each session lifted so much stress, tension, and stuck emotions. The Red Eagle's session was amazing. Many of the healing services I had never even heard of like EFT, Hypnotherapy, Reiki and the Crystal Bowls. But wow, each session just seemed to take away deeper layers of tension and stuck emotions. I felt so alive and free at the end of the day. Thank you and I will be returning and recommending my friends. Helen, Chicago

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