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Retreat and Heal... A Safe Place to Heal

Personal Healing Retreat

Retreats Personalized to Your Individual Needs


Imagine being surrounded by beauty and healing energy. Waking up each day to just nurture you and heal the past so it can be cleared and released. Your healing journey's focus is you and your specific needs. The true meaning of "retreat" is to turn inward. We empower you to do that by taking care of the "details". Once you arrive all your healing sessions are "on site". Except for taking you to the vortex sites. We do the traveling and you just relax and heal. Our most popular personal retreat is for nurturing and healing. This includes massages either daily or every other day, EFT/Hypnotherapy to end negative habits and self-abuse through "stinking thinking". These old patterns of thinking are inherited from our family and environment, and remain in place until confronted and replaced. Our retreat guests have had good results, in releasing old habits of self abusive thinking, anxiety, overwhelm, smoking, overwork, time management issues, destructive relationships, stress management, and ending other addictive behaviors. Whatever your needs, we can design a program to assist you to move forward, with a new life style plan, and tools, to support your new choices. Our intention for all our retreats is to teach you tools to take away to live your life with more peace, clarity and health each day.

Sample Services Included for 3 Day Retreat:

  • Reiki Level I Attunement and training
  • 2 healing/massage treatments
  • 1 Stupa Meditation
  • Sound Healing/Chakra Clearing Meditation
  • 1 Sacred Vortex ceremony
  • Love's Secret Live Your Life In Love (Annie's Book- A Manual for Relationships and Love)
  • 2 Hypnotherapy/Emotional Clearing Sessions/Life Coaching
  • Life Reading
  • Guided journaling and goal setting

$1199 to $1499 Three Days

Price dependent on services chosen. Reserve Now!


Sample Services Included for 7 Day Retreat:

  • Reiki Attunement and training
  • 1 Spiritual Vortex Tour and ceremony
  • Chakra Healing and Clearing
  • 1 Medicine Wheel Ceremony
  • Love's Secret Live Your Life In Love (Annie's Book- A Manual for Love and Relationships)
  • Meditation/breathing classes
  • 3 healing/massage treatments
  • Yoga Classes
  • 4 Hypnotherapy/Emotional Clearing Sessions/Life Coaching
  • 1 Life Reading/Clearing/Healing
  • 1 Medicine Card Reading
  • Guided journaling and goal setting
  • Guided hikes

Price includes Services and Accommodations ( Meals not included)

$1999 to $2795 Six Days  (Services all on-site except vortex meditations) Let us know your budget and preferences.

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**Sample 3-Day Personal Retreat**

(Pick and choose your services based on your needs)

Thursday-Check In and First Life Coaching Session to set Intentions for the Retreat (Introduction to EFT)
Energy Clearing and Balancing Treatment

10-11 Vortex Meditation/Ceremony (at a vortex site) or Yoga/meditation
11-12:30 Reiki Attunement Self Treatment Training
12:30-1 lunch
1-2:30 EFT/Hypnotherapy Session (can be for ending addictive behaviors, goal setting, emotional release, or past life regression)
Afternoon and evening for integration and free time for hiking or watching assigned videos, writing and inner work.

10-12 Vortex Ceremony/Meditation (Intentions to Connect with Angels, guides or spirit animals)
12-1 Lunch
1-2:30 Massage/Energy balancing treatment(Your Choice from the menu)
3-5 EFT/Life Coaching session to set goals and integrate the retreat experience.

Check out and transit to Airport.

Price for Sample Above is $1499

*3-day mini-retreats begin Thursday and end Sunday or begins Sunday and ends Wednesday. Both days are your transit to and from our destination. A deposit of USD $400. - is required for a 3-day retreat at the time of booking in order to receive a confirmation. The balance is payable one week prior to your retreat. $1199 to $1499. Three Days ***Deposit is non-refundable but may be used anytime withing 12 months toward a retreat or phone sessions.

*6-day Personal Retreats are scheduled from Sunday to Friday. The focus of our week long retreat is to release your bag of old emotions and beliefs and give you easy to apply tools to move forward. Our guests agree that our retreats change their lives. A deposit of USD $500. is required at the time of booking in order to receive a confirmation. The balance is payable one week prior to your retreat.$1999 to $2795 Six Days. ***Deposit is non refundable but may be applied within 12 months for a retreat or phone sessions.


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Annie, I just wanted to follow up on my retreat and phone sessions. It means so much to reach out to you on the phone to keep me on track. It has now been a year since my retreat and I continue to listen to your tapes of our EFT, Hypnotherapy sessions, and Reiki Self Healing Sessions. They help so much to stop the "stinking thinking" and keep me focused on my new habits. I am so much calmer and feel much more at peace each day. Thank you for sharing your amazing heart and healing gifts.~Susan Canada

Annie and Jerry- Thank you so much for the wonderful healing accommodations and treatments. I'm filled with inner peace and a new hope for a happy future. After returning home I have continued to use my recordings and practice my EFT, Hypnotherapy and Reiki. Our monthly phone sessions keep me focused and on track. Feeling better and more empowered to create health each day. Thanks again~Peggy CA

I was hesitant to schedule the retreat half way around the world not knowing you. This was my first time traveling alone and I was anxious to say the least. Soon as I met you the anxiety cleared and I felt like I had known you all for a life time. I felt so at home at Harmony House. The Eft helped me to move through the emotional pain and trauma of the divorce and forgive my husband and myself. I am now hopeful for a happy future and feel more excited to greet each new day. You are all gifted healers thank you so much for sharing your healing gifts and your hearts with the world.~Forever grateful, Francine

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