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Stress Release Massage

sedona stress release massageA good massage for anyone who is experiencing pain resulting from tension and stress. Whether you are a housewife, and suffer from tension headaches, a computer operator, or grocery clerk who has carpal tunnel syndrome. Our therapists locate the area of concern, and release the tight muscles causing pain and limited motion. This returns your muscles, nerves, and fascia, to normal function. An excellent treatment for everyone, who continuously builds and tightens muscles and fascia, and needs to bring more flexibility to their muscles and joints. This includes everyone who is in a sport or job that incorporates repetitive movements. Our rehabilitation massage decreases pain and tension in the body, and increases performance and flexibility. This massage is especially recommended to anyone who needs to rehabilitate from old injuries or trauma.

$150 90 min.

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Retreat and Heal-Thank you so much for our Day of healing package. I found myself  with a day to capture the best of Sedona. When I found you I trusted my heart and what a blessing. Each session took me to more clarity and inner peace. I never imagined that I could feel so deeply healed and clear in just a day. The EFT and Hypnotherapy took me deeper within than I have journeyed in years of meditation and counseling. I got so much from that day, I will be back and will have follow up phone sessions for now. I am so glad that I found you. Karen, TX

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