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Pregnancy Massage

sedona pregnancy healing massageOur Wellnes Spa offers the most relaxing pregnancy massage with specially made cushions to accomodate pregnancy. A specially designed, softly aromatic, and soothing massage, for the expectant mother. The focus is on relaxing, and comforting the lower back and legs, to improve circulation and relax the body and mind. Our special body cushion supports the expectant mother, to relax on her tummy (we turn as the mother to be progresses in pregnancy every 20 mins). These cushions, provide support, without interfering with abdominal circulation. This magical healing experience, leaves our mother-to-be feeling refreshed, and ready for her new role in life.

$150 75 min.

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Annie, I just wanted to follow up on my retreat and phone sessions. It means so much to reach out to you on the phone to keep me on track. It has now been a year since my retreat and I continue to listen to your tapes of our EFT, Hypnotherapy sessions, and Reiki Self Healing Sessions. They help so much to stop the "stinking thinking" and keep me focused on my new habits. I am so much calmer and feel much more at peace each day. Thank you for sharing your amazing heart and healing gifts.~Susan Canada

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