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Energy Balancing Massage

sedona reiki healing massageBody/Mind/Spirit integration, energy adjustment, and cellular balance and healing. When the body/mind are aligned, and the the cells are in balance, the body can heal and repair itself. Reiki is an ancient Tibetan healing art, that fine tunes ones energy system, to release the static energy collected from the hurried stress of life. Hands are gently laid on the body, stimulating the endocrine system, balancing organ function, stimulating the immune function, releasing muscular tension, and relaxing the mind. This energy balancing treatment, is one of the most healing and relaxing treatments offered, but does not include muscular manipulation.

$150. 75 min.
90 Min. A Healing Massage and 30 Min Reiki

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Dear Annie and Jerry, Thank you both again for the wonderful life-changing retreat. I have wanted to pursue my dreams for some time, but have lacked the tools and confidence. The EFT, Hypnotherapy, and Reiki gave me strength and courage to find the core beliefs that have blocked me for years. You gave me tools to unlock the "Secret" and apply the law of attraction to my life. I have began my journey to make my dreams a reality. Bless you both, Cody

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