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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

sedona healing lymphatic drainage massagesDue to the stress of everyday life, the immune system or lymphatic system, becomes overloaded and may shut down. Overeating, high fat diets, stress, poisons and toxins, in our food, air, water and environment, create even more for the over burdened system to deal with. Sluggish lymphatic fluid, causes auto-intoxification (our body slowly poisons itself). This gentle and soothing massage, stimulates the flow of the lymphatic system, and speeds the detoxification process. By stimulating and cleansing the immune system, we turn on your healing response.

A balanced immune system, can speed the healing of cells, create natural antibodies to fight infection, and feed the body at the cellular level. If you have cellulite, or a weak immune system, this therapy will give your immune system a jump start.

Lymphatic Stimulation/Rejuvenation Treatment is our signature treatment developed as an alternative to the package program.  One treatment will stimulate and rejuvenate the lymphatic system and renew at the cellular level. In this treatment we utilize a dry brush, and follow the path of the lymphatic system. Our treatment stimulates the glands in the skin, and brings a youthful glow to your hair and skin, and a renewal of cells through out.
$150 75 min.

Youth-glow and rejuvenation program sold as a package. (In Europe this package takes 10 treatments, we have refined our program and offer it to you in 3 treatments.)

$150 per 90 min.
Total Package price $450

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Dear Retreat and Heal, I have been experiencing some issues with getting sick often. My holistic doctor suggested I find something to move my lymphatic system. I scheduled this treatment in your wellness spa. Annie was generous enough to teach me how to apply this session for myself at home. I am happy to say that I have been consistent with it and wonderful things are now happening 3 months later. My skin, harir and neils have never been so good. In addition no illness taking me out for the last three months. Annie I am also using your wonderful hypnotherapy recording as well for building cellular health. Thanks, Jen, CA

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