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Retreat and Heal... A Safe Place to Heal

Sedona Reading and Clearing

sedona healing clearing Need a reading to find clarity and release overwhelm? Do you have negative energies that you find hard to move beyond. In this Reading and clearing our intention is to tap into the energies that are moving through your life. We bring the clarity and healing that you need to move forward, and leave the hurt, trauma, and pain behind. Our readers are gifted intuitives that connect to your guides, angels and spiritual essence to bring the clarity and energy needed to move forward toward your purpose and passion. We clear your energy space and home space and give you a jump start toward moving forward. We are honored to be a bridge to the answers that you are searching for.

$150 for 60 minutes.

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Annie, When I scheduled my day package, I felt overwhelmed with sadness, disappointment and anger. Throughout the day with each healing session I felt layers fall away. With my Life Reading I received so much clarity and understanding that allowed me to release and clear deep cellular trauma. I felt amazingly clear at the end of my healing day. Thank you for holding such a safe healing space. It allows those of us who have experienced lots of childhood trauma to release and heal. Alice Tx

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