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Life Coaching

What is a Spiritual Life Coach?

Someone who empowers and supports you to live your dream. We ask very focused questions, use transformational tools, and listen from our heart. 

As a Spiritual Life Coach we assist you to find your answers within yourself. We connect with you through our heart and meet you where you are. In each session we facilitate a deeper level of understanding yourself and assist you to connect to your spiritual essence and inner wisdom.

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Do You Feel Stuck and Need Support to Follow Your Passion and Live Your Dream?

"Revolve or Evolve? "Life can be tough, and you can lose your way, and feel overwhelmed in choosing your direction. As a result, you can find yourself revolving in circles and having difficulty moving forward. 

Many of our clients are looking for clarity, and feel overwhelmed by life. They want desperately to find new meaning and reclaim inner peace. We become an anchor for clarity and inner peace, and motivate our clients to take action based on their wants and needs.

By the end of a session, our clients regain clarity and feel motivated with a clear vision on what steps to take to achieve his/her goals. Our follow-up session keeps our clients focused and following through on their action plan.

Invest in Your Future with a Life Coaching Session!

Are you ready to create the successful life you deserve? Do you need help in putting together that action plan?

Empower your future and take your life to a new level of understanding and awareness. Decide to develop your vision and keep yourself focused on deepening your inner skills.

Call us to create a special retreat with spiritual life coaching sessions built into the retreat or call to schedule a session. We offer Spiritual Life Coaching through our retreats and by phone. Call today to schedule your transformational session in person in Sedona or by phone.

 Spiritual Life Coach Session $150. (1hr 15min)Sedona In person or Phone Skype sessions. Book Now and receive a copy of Love's Secret Live Your Life In Love.

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Annie -Our phone coaching sessions over the last five years have meant so much to me and our family. You always seem to tap right into the deeper issues we need to heal to release our stress. You have helped my wife with health issues, my son with his divorce and me with business stress. We all appreciate you so much for working us into your busy schedule. You are such a blessing to us. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, experience as a spiritual life coach and your deep caring heart. Ben CA

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