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Retreat and Heal... A Safe Place to Heal

Jerry Lawrence PhD, HHP, CHT "Red Eagle"

Jerry is co-owner and facilitator of Retreat and Heal and started his journey as a healing facilitator after a near death experience 30 years ago. He chose to remain here and was guided to assist others in connecting to their spiritual path. His many gifts from Great Spirit include Spirit Quest, Soul Retrieval, Shamanic healing through touch and sound, Sacred Journeys on the land, and emotional release sessions. Jerry will help you to reclaim your connection and step back into your power. He has over 30 years of healing experience and has been a Reiki Master for more than twenty years, teaching many masters.

jerry lawrenceHe co-founded and co-directed Vitality Training Center of California, a state approved school and clinic that educated an abundance of students as Holistic Health Practitioners. It was here that he developed systems to cleanse and revitalize the physical, mental and emotional bodies and align more fully with your spiritual essence. His energy healing assists the body to reawaken the healing response.

He is an accomplished artist and has sold art around the world. Jerry enjoys assisting others to discover their creative spirit through "Creating with Spirit" art retreats. His personal experience has helped many to find their own "inner-artist" and "inner-healer" and become whole. Retreats have been Jerry's passion for the last eleven years.

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