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Retreat and Heal... A Safe Place to Heal

Inner Peace Day Package

Release the Past and Reconnect to Inner Peace

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Inner Peace and Clarity are your natural state!

Sedona Day Packages surround you with the peace and beauty of the red rocks. Sedona's landscape is an oasis of beauty and healing energies. Learn tools to clear your "monkey mind" and reconnect with Inner Peace.

Inner Peace is your natural state but it gets lost in a chaotic world of busy~ness. We give you plenty of time for inner reflection, and tools to take away to make inner peace your new set point. Receive a wellness spa session, Sacred Vortex hike/meditation, a Intuitive Life Reading, and a EFT/Hypnotherapy or Life Coaching session. EFT/Hypnotherapy gently facilitates releasing your self-sabotaging habits and patterns, EFT empowers you to connect deeply with your spiritual connection. Inner Peace stimulates your body's natural ability to heal and stimulates your creative juices. Harmony house provides a safe place to facilitate your healing experience. You will feel at home and notice the peaceful energies as soon as you enter. Once your complete your day package your body, mind and spirit will feel vibrantly alive and renewed

Services Included:

  • Crystal Bowl Healing and Sound Vibrational healing
  • Breathing Meditation
  • 30 Min Hypnotherapy Session to Activate Inner Peace
  • 1 Red Eagle's Healing Session (Activates Cellular Healing)
  • 1 Sacred Vortex Hike/Meditation
  • 1 Card Reading
  • 1 EFT (Emotional Freedom Session) or Life Coaching

Price includes all services

$449 Inner Peace Day Sedona Retreat (Reg Price seperately $725~$275 Savings)


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Retreat and Heal-Thank you so much for our Day of healing package. I found myself  with a day to capture the best of Sedona. When I found you I trusted my heart and what a blessing. Each session took me to more clarity and inner peace. I never imagined that I could feel so deeply healed and clear in just a day. The EFT and Hypnotherapy took me deeper within than I have journeyed in years of meditation and counseling. I got so much from that day, I will be back and will have follow up phone sessions for now. I am so glad that I found you. Karen, CA

Annie, I found you and set up a Day Package for myself and a friend. What a wonderful day of healing. Each session lifted so much stress, tension, and stuck emotions. Many of the healing services I had never even heard of like EFT, Hypnotherapy, Reiki and the Crystal Bols. But wow, each session jwust seemed to take away deeper layers of tension and stuck emotions. I felt so alive and free at the end of the day. Thank you and I will be returning and recommending my friends. Helen,  Chicago

Annie, My friend set up a day package of healing for me. After having experienced a bout with cancer, I felt depleted and lost. All the tools you shared have helped me find my way back to health. The recordings of our sessions have helped so much. We experience so much without the recordings I would have had a harder time relaxing and trusting myself to remember. They have been such a wonderful healing tool to take away and continue the healing at home. Thank you beyond words. Fran WA

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