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Sedona Hypnotherapy

sedona spa services hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy helps you retrain your brain to create the life you want. By clearing beliefs and trauma from the past you can create the change you want, rather than what your were programed by your past experiences. Ready to create new habits and let go of habits that no longer serve your life? Stop smoking, loose weight and choose healthier nutrition, based on choice rather than habit. Attain goals, and move forward toward a healthier happier life.

Hypnotherapy goes beyond the rational mind, and puts you in touch with the subconscious mind. This is your master control center, that determines your experiences and decisions.  Annie empowers you with tools to create new habits, that support a positive life.  During your healing session, you are guided to release self sabotage, and old programming, that limits your success and ability to be the person you were born to be.

Hypnotherapy takes you to the root of the problem, to cleanse and heal at the cellular level. Whether it is overeating, overworking, alcohol, drugs, relationships, or whatever your self-directed sabotage happens to be. You determine the focus of your session. Annie has over fifteen years as a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and has hundreds of clients both facilitated in person and by phone and video calls. Book a phone or video session and receive a free copy of Love's Secret Live Your Life In Love a manual for Love and Relationships (Annie's book that won First Place in Metapsychology).

Past Life Regression Do you feel you have unfinished business from other lives? Or just curious to visit a past life? Annie is an experienced Clinical Hypnotherapist and works with people from all over the world in person and via phone and video calls.

$150 60 min

$199 90 min.

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Dear Annie,The retreat was a wonderful life changing expereince. Our continued phone work has really made a difference for my life. I have found a job that offers me a place to apply my talents and grow. It also is very stressful and your bi-weekly sessions have helped me to transform old habits that cause me to sabotage myself,Thanks for always being theere when I need you! My self esteem and self worth are growing and assisting me to grow beyond my self imposed limits.EFT and Hypnotherapy are amazing tools and you are a master! Ciarra

Annie,Thank You so much for your continued support with our phone sessions. We feel that we found a treasure since we met you and began our work almost three years ago. Your work on the phone with EFT and Hypnotherapy have helped us sooo-much! I feel healthier and happier than ever at age 72. Letting go of old beliefs and conditioning have made a huge difference in my life. Phyllis

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