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Retreat and Heal... A Safe Place to Heal

Harmonize Couples Day Retreat

Renew Your Relationship Heal Your Emotions


Heal your relationship, by experiencing a heart opening meditation, and release past hursts that push love away. With your heart open learn to communicate and ask for what you want. Learn tools to move through disagreement without getting stuck in anger or fear. Our couples EFT session empowers you to move old emotions out of the way and get back to "Love". Take a free copy of Annie's book "Love's Secret Live Your Life In Love" to act as your road map to stay connected to love.

Next we deepen our meditation as we experience a mild hike to the Tibetan Amitabha Stupa. Our meditation is designed to lift old negative emotions and cleanse your energy. The Stupa has a special energy created by thousands of prayers that send out peace and love almost like a radio tower. A Stupa is said to be the embodiment of Buddha's heart, (open) and mind (still). The Stupa allows for a very deep connection to your spiritual essence and is a walking meditation. It allows anyone even with a busy mind to let go of inner chaos and achieve deep levels of "inner harmony" and connection.

When you return to our healing spa, your next experience is a Reiki healing attunement to connect you with the healing energy inside. We teach you to direct that energy into all your cells, organs, chakras and energy meridians for deep healing. Couples learn how to give loving touch and direct their love and healing energies for each other.

Your next treat is a seventy five minute Healing Energy Balancing treatment. Your day is centered around releasing blocks from the past both inner and outer. Your Energy Healing Session turns on your"inner healing response" and brings your body back to a deep harmony called "homeostasis". As your body enters "homeostasis" your inner healer takes over for deep cellular healing. You will begin to float in a deep state of relaxation and healing "bliss".

Your Sedona healing day retreat is concluded with a Intutive Star Gate Couples Reading to bring clarity and alignment. Your intuitive reading empowers you with clarity to where you are, the energy that you have completed, your issue presenting now, what helps you on your journey, what challenges and distracts you, and gives you a glimpse into your future.

Couples who values their relationship and want a deeper heart connection walk away feeling "in love" again. Empowered to choose love over old habits and speak compassionately from their heart.

"At a stupa it is possible to touch the sacred and be transformed."

Services Included:

  • Heart Opening and Cleansing Meditation
  • Amitabha Stupa Hike
  • Reiki Self Healing Training
  • Couples Loving Touch Training
  • Bowl Burning Ceremony (to release past hurt and pain)
  • Energy Balancing/Clearing (Heart opening)
  • Compassionate Communication
  • Loves Secret Live Your Life In Love Manual (Annie award winning book or manual for love and relationships)
  • Intuitive Life Reading

Sedona Couple's Day Package~A wonderful way to clear old pain and trauma and create the relationship you want and deserve!

(Regular Price $1199 per couple) Package Price $999 per couple (Savings $200) or you can extend the retreat to three days, or a full week click here for more info Couples Three Day and Week Long Retreat.


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Annie and Jerry- Thank you so much for the wonderful couples retreat and treatments. I'm filled with inner peace and a new hope for a happy future. Before we came I was depressed and felt like our relationship was over and that our family would be ripped apart. After learning of the affair that my husband had I thought that the damage could never be repaired. I now feel empowered with tools to heal the hurt and reestablish our relationship through love and communicating from the heart. We felt guided to you, and now feel so blessed by our time spent with you individually and as a couple. We are now equipped with a new awareness to see our own issues and heal them. We feel so blessed to have found you and the timing was perfect. Please keep offering your retreats to couples~you both are a true blessing. ~Pam NY
Dear Annie and Jerry, Our relationship had hit an all time low and we were both ready to call it quits. My wife had mentioned the "D" word more than once in the last few months. I got busy and found your website. You spoke with us both over the phone and immediately felt new hope. It has been 6 months since the retreat and we are still feeling in love again. We still have issues but we have a new platform to work from. We had been though months of counselling and not lasting results. Thank you both so much for your gifts that the tools that you gave us. You both gave so much of your time and attention to each of us. May God continue to bless each of you as you help so many find their way. Ben Canada

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