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Retreat and Heal... A Safe Place to Heal

EFT Sedona Fall Group Retreat

November 6th-12th 2015

(scroll down for schedule)

A Sedona group retreat is nestled in the red rocks of Northern Arizona, within a two-hour drive from Phoenix and a 45 minute drive from Flaggstaff. Have you been longing to connect with like minded people on a similar path and clear your old habits and beliefs? Are you ready to take a leap forward to empower your dreams and align with your passion and purpose? We have the perfect place and tools for you. Take a look at our life changing retreat and enroll now as space is limited.

Clear the beliefs that keep you stuck and create the permanent changes you deserve. Spend your retreat in the positive life changing energy of Sedona, Arizona, and set your intentions for a successful NEW YOU!

Each day begins with hiking the beauty of the red rocks and experiencing meditation in the power and healing energies of Sedona. Reiki attunements and training, good food and play. You will comfortably learn and implement each day the tools to turn your dreams into reality. Explore your inner world through Hypnotherapy and EFT to release your blocks, and reprogram your subconscious mind for the positive choices you want. Hike the magical Sedona Vortices and share ceremonies for manifesting goals and visions. Medicine Wheel Ceremonies, burning bowl ceremonies, EFT and hypnotherapy, shamanic journeys, and more.

Week long retreat includes daily EFT and meditation, Reiki Shares, daily hikes, medicine wheel ceremony, EFT and Hypnotherapy to release old programming and daily manifesting meditations. Feel group support from like minded new life long friends also looking to move to a new level of life. A phone session before and after each retreat to support your growth and goals.

Sign up now as space is limited! $500 will reserve your space in a life changing retreat that will fill your life with lifetime friendships, renewed peace and fullfillment.

Week Retreat-Price includes 3 organic meals per day and all group activities $2499.

Pay discount price before September 15th $2399.

Pay deposit $500. balance due two weeks before retreat, deposit non-refundable. We will contact you to pay balance. Balance due $1999.


Retreat Schedule: (current schedule subject to change based on needs of group)

Healing Journey

Reiki Attunement and training
1 Shamanic Journey and ceremony
1 Medicine Wheel Group Ceremony
4 Crystal Bowl Healing/Cleansing Meditations/breathing classes
(individual sessions available with group leaders at extra charge)
Guided journaling and goal setting
Daily guided hikes

Sunday  (November 6)




3pm or after

Check In



Group Life Coaching Session and Crystal Bolw Meditation to set Intentions for the Retreat



Personal Free time for Soaking in The Chemical Free Jacuzzi and star gazing


Monday (November 7)


Crystal Bowl Chakra Meditation




Group Hike to Amitabah Stupa

Lunch Break



Group EFT Hypnotherapy




Group Reiki Attunement and training

Personal Time to schedule any spa treatments (extra charge through us we will schedule services. Must notify us in advance)



Tuesday (November 8)



Vortex Hike and Meditation

EFT for Clearing Borrowed Benefits






Group Check in




Group Visualization for Creating Your Purpose

Reiki Group Share

Evening for Personal Time for individual services


Wednesday (November 9)


Vortex Hike/ Meditation






Lunch Break



EFT Group Session Borrowed Benefits




Visualization for Inner and Outer Peace

Reiki Group Share


Thursday (November 10)


Shamanic Journey Hike/ Meditation






Lunch Break



EFT/Hypnotherapy Session/Programming the subconscious mind for passion,  inner peace,  Aligning with life purpose





Drum circle/Bowl Burning Ceremony


Friday (November11)


Sacred Medicine Wheel
Ceremony to End Retreat



Afternoon Free to Hike and Explore Sedona with your new group family


Saturday (November 12) Free day to Explore Sedona

Sunday (November 13) Check out

Email us to get updates and information on our group retreats

We look forward to facilitating your EFT Group Retreat, please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you, Annie B. Lawrence, EFT Practitioner


Email Us or call 928-282-5237

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