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Retreat and Heal... A Safe Place to Heal

Crystal Energy Healing

Crystal_healingA Crystal Bowl Healing session clears your energy field and energy blocks interferring with your cellular renewal. Crystal bowls produce a pure sonic wave sound energy which penetrates deeply into the subatomic structures of the body. This healing includes clearing away negative emotional residue in the energy field and chakra's, and allows a deeper spiritual connection. Sound vibrations of the bowls cleanse and heal bones, blood, and DNA. The vibrational healing empowers you with a feeling of clarity and alignment with your spiritual essence.

Fear and worry collect in the subtle energy field, and create feelings of anxiety and overwhelm. Crystal bowls and their sound-vibrational healing are a powerful part of the Energy Medicine healing system. Gems stones, are then placed on the body to ground and stablize the new higher vibrations. Fear, worry, anger, and all negative emotions deplete your body and system of minerals and energy, and leave your body feeling depleted and fatiqued. Treat yourself to an "energy tune-up". Clear your field from toxic emotions that no longer serve you and leave you feeling stuck and depleted. Your body will feel lighter, your mind will be clear, and you spirit will rejoice.

Annie has been working with crystal healing and energy balancing for the last thirty years. If you are feeling depleted and overwhelmed treat yourself to a life changing energy healing experience. End your crystal bowl healing session with a 30 minute hypnotherapy session to clear old subconscious beliefs and feed new suggestions for aligning with your soul purpose and path.

$175 90 min.

Testimonial: This was my first Crystal Bowl experience. Wow~what an amazing experience. I feel as though my whole body is alive with energy. I feel more clarity and I feel clear from the inside out and in tune with my path and purpose . Thank you Annie! Amy March 2015

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Dear Annie and Jerry, Prior to arriving in Sedona at Retreat and Heal. I had never heard of Crystal Bowls. The first session was amazing. I could feel my whole body relax and vibrating with energy. As we did the chakra meditation I had memories in many of the chakras. Some of the chakras I felt nothing and sometimes it was even painful. Throughout my Personal Healing retreat you had me experience the bowls. It felt like each day we went deeper and finally I didn't feel pain in listening to their sound vibration. This seemed to be an important part of the retreat in clearing away layers of the trauma and pain that I have collected over the years. I feel so grateful to all the staff at Retreat and Heal and particularly to you and Jerry Red Eagle. This truly was a life changing retreat and I intend to make it a yearly visit. Thank you for sharing your energy, healing tools, wisdom nd especilly your heart! Angela, NY

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