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Retreat and Heal... A Safe Place to Heal

Couples' Retreat

Couples emerse themselves in the beauty and healing energy of Sedona to stop fighting and reconnect to love. Spend nurturing time together, in the transformational energy of Sedona, reconnecting to your partner. Empower yourself and your partner with tools to deepen your heart connection and reclaim your passion. Couples EFT/Hypnotherapy sessions to disolve old patterns of relating and emotional baggage that sabotages your heart connection, and pushes love away. Learn to communicate from your heart and create connection instead of shutting down and creating distance. Learn the art of "loving touch" through couples massage, compassionate communication skills, and ceremonies to deepen your heart connection. Enjoy guided hikes, vortex experiences, and learn to stay connected to the heart. Make goals for your relationship and reignite passion.

In this retreat we work with you as a couple together and separately to improve communication, and intimacy. You will gain many tools to strengthen your commitment and create a more harmonious bond. You will be guided to set goals for your relationship and for yourself as an individual. Enjoy learning Emotional Freedom techniques for your relationship and individually to complete with the past, open your hearts, and reconnect to love and passion.

Includes Free autographed copy of "Love's Secret" relationship manual, written by Annie Lawrence and published by Sedona Publishers. This book will serve as a workbook for the retreat and then serve as a guide book to keep you on track.

Services Included:

  • Love's Secret Live Your Life In Love (Annie's book a manual for love and relationships
  • Couples EFT/Hypnotherapy session
  • Couples Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Meditation
  • Reiki Couples Attunement and Training
  • Compassionate Communication (Communicating from the heart and letting go of fear and anger)
  • Couples massage (Offering loving touch as a way of bonding and nurturing each other and the relationship)
  • Stupa Meditation for Deepening your heart connection
  • Sacred Vortex Meditation
  • Recommitment Ceremony
  • Goals and Action Plan for a healthy relationship

Price includes accommodations/meals extra

$1499 -2199 per couple 3-Day Retreat (price determined by services added)

$2199-2790 per couple 5-Day Retreat (Price determined by days and services included in retreat)

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Purchase your copy of Love's Secret today! Annie loves secret annie b lawrenceB. Lawrence

My husband had one foot out the door and was set in his mind to leave the relationship. I called Annie after having already experienced a three day retreat on my own. After four sessions with Annie we were back on track and feeling the love that we had for each other at the beginning. I am so grateful and this is three years later. We still have issues but now we have tools to work through them.



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Retreat and Heal-Thank you for providing a "safe place" for those of us who have never felt safe to let go. I feel more peaceful yet energized than I have in twenty years. I plan to make this a once a year sabbatical. Keep offering your healing gifts. You are both amazing teachers and healers, and I appreciate what you gave to us. Rose, MI

Annie and Jerry- Thank you so much for the wonderful healing accommodations and treatments. I'm filled with inner peace and a new hope for a happy future.  Before I came I was depressed and was told by my doctor that I would need to be on medication for the rest of my life. I now feel empowered to find the right holistic doctor to assist me to release my dependence to medication. I felt guided to you, and now feel so blessed by my stay and the tools I carry home.  The ceremonies at the vortex sites and the ruins were magical.  I will recommend Retreat and Heal to all my friends and family! hugs to you both, Bonnie
Dear Annie and Jerry, Thank you both again for the wonderful life-changing retreat. I have wanted to pursue my dreams for some time, but have lacked the tools and confidence. The EFT, Hypnotherapy, and Reiki gave me strength and courage to find the core beliefs that have blocked me for years. You gave me tools to unlock the "Secret" and apply the law of attraction to my life. I have begun my journey to make my dreams a reality. Bless you both, Cody

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