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Local Attractions

sedona vortexSedona Vortex Sites

Most who are drawn to Sedona, want an experience of the Sedona Vortex Sites. How to choose the experience is the question. You may choose from balloon rides, jeep tours, hiking tours, and personal spiritual tours. Many choose to have a guide for at least the first day, before they venture out on their own. If you have only limited time to experience the energy of Sedona, you will probably benefit from the experience of a personal guide.

Our guides are trained and experienced in the terrain, energy of the sites, and have experience in assisting you in connecting with the land. Once you have determined your intentions for the tour, this will assist you in choosing your guide.

Our tours are a personal spiritual journey, filled with fun and experiences of the vortex energies, connecting with the land, and your guides or spirit animals. Call us now to book your Sacred Vortex Journey at 928-282-5237 or email us If you would like to spend a very special day in Sedona being pampered and connecting to the special vortex energies try our Sedona Day of Healing Package,

Mountain Biking
For Mountain Bikers and nature riders worldwide, Sedona has the best there is to offer! From the comfortable loop trail on Bell Rock pathway to the most expert technical playground, this is some BIG FUN mountain biking! Meet some of the local, way cool professionals at the "Bike and Bean" hangout. After that ride, you'll sport one of their t-shirts proudly!

sedona hikingHiking
Some of the most famous attractions here in Sedona are our National Parks. Some of these areas can only be reached by hiking in. Most trails are easy to moderate. You will see natural beauty and ancient history on every hike guaranteed, and chances are, you will emerge a different person. Amidst Vortexes of healing energy and mind boggling views, your spirit will soar. There are a number of trail guide books available, I recommend Cosmic Rays' "Favorite Hikes" (I own a signed copy!) or Dennis Andres "10 Best Hikes". See our packing list for recommended gear or visit our local "Canyon Outfitters" for more stuff when you get here.

Ancient Ruins
There are many Ancient American Indian Ruins surrounding Sedona. Palatki, perhaps the most noteworthy cliff dwelling, was built somewhere between 1150 and 1250 A.D. by the Southern Sinagua, the prehistoric Indigenous peoples of this region. Other ruins to discover are Loy, Red, Woo and Lincoln Canyons. Not to mention here, are a few of the sacred locations that you will experience during your Retreat with us.

Oak Creek Canyon
This is one of our favorite places. Formed by Artesian Wells and the West Fork, Oak Creek canyon has a year round stream, lush vegetation and brilliant views of more Red Rock formations. Two famed locations within Oak Creek Canyon are Slide Rock State Park and The West Fork. Slide Rock State Park is located about 7 miles North of Uptown Sedona, has ample parking and is a great place to cool off, although you will not be the only visitor!

West fork, the more private choice, is a peaceful 10 mile drive North of Uptown. There is a National Park Ranger and Parking lot at the trailhead. West fork extends 14 miles through wild ancient apple orchards, past the historic Mayhew Lodge ruins and into towering canyon cliffs.

Just a few miles outside of town is Indian Gardens where a rich history of American Indian life is remembered in the land. This is a spiritual vortex and oasis of beauty. The local store is my favorite watering hole and there is a Park Ranger info station. Don't forget to stop into "Garlands" for local Artists fine jewelry. Just up the road at the Dairy Queen is a daily Indian Market where you can purchase authentic crafts from the locals direct.

My heart is in Sedona, but I wander to Flag! Flagstaff is full of Cultural Attractions, Science, Art, History and Nature. If you are in the area, I strongly recommend a visit to the Arizona Snow bowl and take the Scenic Skyride. You will be lifted to the top of the San Francisco Peaks, an extinct Volcano at an elevation of 11,500 feet and can view Harts Prairie, a 70 mile scenic view of Aspen Groves-this is tear-jerking beauty!

Don't miss the Museum of Northern Arizona on your way back. Additional attractions are the Lowell Observatory, The Arboretum and fun, historic downtown shopping and dining!

The Grand Canyon
Yes, we are the Grand Canyon State, and this is the grandest canyon of them all. A more practical and scenic route from Sedona is Highway 89A North through Oak Creek Canyon. 25 miles later (plan extra time for sightseers, switchbacks, elevation, and scenic view sites), and you won't notice a minute of it, turn onto Interstate Highway 17 North. Proceed to Interstate Highway 40 East and exit at Highway 89/Grand Canyon. Follow 89 past the Flagstaff Mall and head north. You will pass the Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument and the Wupatki Ruins. It's worth a stop at the Crater and Visitor Center for more info, and a National Park entrance card (good for 1 year at all National Parks). Continue North on 89 and follow signs. At the Grand Canyon Village you can equip yourself for any of your needs from budet to luxury.

If you are physically and mentally able to take the Bright Angel trail hike to the bottom of the canyon, Do it! You will never forget this adventure (see this Condor photo taken five feet away from a ledge I was on!), but be prepared! An overnight stay at the Phantom Ranch is not only a great experience; it is a life-saving tip, before you continue your journey back to reality the next morning. You must reserve your stay or tours no less than ONE YEAR in advance, let us know if you are interested, maybe we can help.
National Park Service - Grand Canyon

Other recommendations
Other recommendations for getting the most from this area are Helicopter Tours; there are sites that are inaccessible by anything but a helicopter, like the Secret Wilderness.

There is no way to describe this experience plus it is a GREAT photo opportunity. Speaking of photos, wherever you are here in Sedona and Northern Arizona, there will be a spectacular source of photographic finery variable with the seasons, each as phenomenal as the other. Enjoy!

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