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Retreat and Heal... A Safe Place to Heal

Sedona Retreat Packing List and Tips

Welcome To Retreat and Heal, a Sedona Wellness Spa and Spiritual Retreat Center.

We hope our Sedona Vacation tips and packing list assists in making this the best vacation of possible. I am sure that you will find Sedona's red rocks to be beautiful and healing.
Our packing list includes Sedona and Retreat essentials, for those who wish to kick back and relax. Map of Retreat and Heal

Our wish is to prepare you for the most memorable vacation of your life, and assist you to prepare ahead. Once you have prepared well for your wellness journey, you can leave your rational mind behind, and really let go! We have compiled a list of items that we wouldn't leave home without! Remember, Sedona is Alive! Our weather can change rapidly and it tends to be warm during the day when the sun is up, and cools rapidly when it goes down.

Preparing your luggage:
Luggage ID Tags: Label these with your destination date, address and phone number (Retreat and Heal) 460 Harmony Drive Sedona, Az 86336.  Place your personal information on the flip side for your return journey. Always place an identifiable marker on your luggage (red polka dot ribbon, etc.) Emergency Contact information and Health Insurance Information on your person, for travel and to submit when you arrive.

Planning your wardrobe:
For all of your activities and retreats with us; Vortex tours, day packages,
and most Sedona Attractions, you will need this basic set of items.
Remember, our rapid weather changes as you pack. Always be prepared (Boy Scout motto). Your length of stay, will affect the amount to pack, but remember that you will have access to our on-site laundry room so don't over pack! Remember to keep it simple.

Here is an ideal list of things to pack:

Hiking Boots, Lightweight with traction
Athletic Shoes, a pair of comfortable sandals (sandals that allow for walking in water are handy for hiking oak creek)
Casual Comfortable Clothing:
2 pairs of jeans (comfortable) for hiking
1 pair of shorts
1 loose-fitting lounge outfit (drawstring pants and sweatshirt)
Long-sleeved T-shirt
Short-sleeved T-shirt
Tank top
Double Layer socks
Athletic wear of choice (sports bra for yoga and stretching)
Swimsuit(for dips in oak creek and soaking in our private spa)
Outdoor Clothing: Layers function well.
1 lightweight outer jacket (wind jacket)
1 fleece jacket(for winter weather only)
Lightweight thermals (winter gear)
Lightweight knit cap and gloves(winter gear)
Brim hat for sun protection(always year round)
Rain poncho(especially in monsoon season mid July to end of Aug)

Toiletry Bag, RX medications, herbal remedies, vitamins, Camera and film, Journal and writing utensils, CamelBak or Nalgene bottle, Bike shorts, and Personal Yoga mat.

Leave these things behind to get the most from your retreat: Out of consideration to those around you, and your own inner peace, we recommend that our guests need not bring the following items:
All electronics, planners (please use cell phones sparingly and on an emergency basis only to be considerate to others), perfumes, and synthetic hair or body products (some of our guests are sensitive to strong perfumes), aerosols, valuables (bring only the jewelry that is needed).

Please reserve your flights for arrival at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. You will either need to arrange shuttle service to our door or rent a car. We recommend America West or Southwest Airlines for the most frequent flights into Phoenix at a competitive rate. Car rental or shuttle to us is by your personal preference and dependent on whether you prefer to relax and spend more time hiking and walking in our area. Discount Rent a Car of Sedona is a good one If you choose to take the shuttle we recommend Ace Xpress 800-336-2239/928-639-3357. Once you have booked your flight and shuttle or car please send us your itinerary so that we can plan your greeting and other services. Check in is anytime after 2 pm each day and check out is noon.

Cancellation Policy
Once you reserve a Retreat the deposit is non refundable. We are a small retreat center and offer very personalized individual retreats. Because of this we have a strict refund policy. If it is an emergency we will move the deposit to a different date with a $100 charge for change. If you have any delays or emergencies affecting your estimated time of arrival please call us and let us know.

*Sedona Retreat Tips, Questions and Answers*

Why are there so many Retreats offered in Sedona?
Sedona has many very good venues for retreats, and they all have a somewhat different focus.  Sedona, with its majestic beauty in any direction, and the magical vortex sites for healing, makes it a perfect destination for healing the body, mind, and spirit.  The energy of Sedona, supports healing on many different levels. I have personally witnessed deep healing happen when anyone comes here with an open heart, mind, and clear intentions for healing.

How do I choose a Retreat?
First make a list of what you are looking for in a retreat program. Next, ask lots of questions.  Does the retreat facilitator have experience in working with the issues that you wish to address.   Also, many of the retreats require that you travel around from place to place to different therapists. Is this what you want? Usually the real meaning of retreat--is to stop and turn inward. Therefore, quietness and stillness are very important.

What is different about your retreats?
Our retreats are usually held at Harmony House, and we do the traveling.  Or if you don't stay at Harmony House you would come there for your treatments, journaling, and life coaching.  Our main focus is to keep your retreat focused and centrally located with as little travel and thinking as possible.   We take you out on the land for the ceremonies and do the treatments right where you are staying. This allows you to relax deeply and you only need to walk next door to your room. Our retreats provide you more time for relaxation, and introspection.  In our world of running from event to event, and constant hurry, our retreats are a time to stop and reflect.   In this reflective time, with guided tools, meditation and journaling, you are facilitated to reconnect to your spiritual essence.

What is the focus of your retreats?
Our total focus is you, and facilitating your individual journey on your spiritual path. We do not promote a particular philosophy or religion, other than reconnecting you to your own inner spiritual essence and the earth and nature.  Our focus is on giving you the tools to make decisions that resonate with your heart and inner knowing.   Many of our clients have closed their hearts, and lost connection to their intuition and inner wisdom.  We don't teach a lot of in doctrine, instead we take you into nature, and assist you to be still and listen. This journey, facilitates your journey home to your heart and inner knowing.

Why are so many being drawn to Sedona, its beauty, and the healing energy each year? To awaken to their true authentic spiritual essence and energy. There is deep inner wisdom burried deeply within most and it gets lost and burried in the chaotic busy life. Sedona awakens this spiritual knowledge and energy.

Why are all the spiritual retreat centers booked months in advance? Taking a break surrounded by beauty, brings your body, mind and spirit back to balance and assists you to release your stress. Reiki, massage, connecting to the land and other healing therapies, deepens this experience and provides tools to take home to extend this new found peace. Many seek this experience and Sedona is known for this type of healing

Nestled among the forests, rivers and green canyons, hidden in the open expanse of the Northern Arizona high desert,Sedona waits for you! Go ahead and heed the call! Book your retreat now.


Email Us or call 928-282-5237

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