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Retreat and Heal... A Safe Place to Heal

21 Day "Life Mastery" e-course

Free Life Evaluation Quiz and day 1 of the 21 day "Life Mastery"  e-course

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What's included?

4 Recorded Live teleseminars (listen in at your convenience)

21 Day e-course and life evaluation quiz (one lesson sent per day via email)

1 Empowerment Coaching Session and follow-up session with one of our empowerment coaches

Action Plan to live your life on purpose!

*We use the Law of Attraction, EFT, Visualization, and Life Coaching for maximum transformation!

"Finding Your Purpose" e-workshop $199.


Empower yourself with tools to Align with Your Purpose

  • Oprah and Eckhart ignited Spiritual Awakening, we empower you to align with your purpose and take action.
  • Are you searching for work that feeds your soul?
  • Do you seem to be stuck in road blocks to living your purpose?
  • Do you have a dream and are ready to take action to achieve it?
  • Shift your patterns, and achieve the success your deserve!
  • Our Action Plan empowers you for success in all areas of life!


Read some of the results witnessed from our clients...

"Your teleseminars are a wonderful opportunity to learn, share and grow with like-minded and motivated people. Annie, you have a special gift for being able to hear and feel what someone is saying (or not saying), even across a phone line or the internet, and then wisely, compassionately and effectively guide! EFT is a remarkable tool which I’ve been fortunate enough to benefit from in one-on-one in person sessions with you.  Honestly, I was skeptical  about whether your Coaching & EFT could be effective in a teleseminar forum.  After being part of yesterdays gathering, I firmly believe in the “Borrowed Benefits” and shared energy gained by coming together with others who have open hearts and minds, and that share similar goals and desires.  (Peggy, you made a difference for me yesterday, thank you for sharing.)  It really is a wonderfully small world and this is a beautiful way to reach out and touch many.  It was truly rejuvenating and empowering to spend an hour together with you, Rebecca and a circle of kindred spirits.  Afterwards;  my energy was up, my shoulders were straighter, my head was clearer, my heart was lighter and my belief, in myself and others, was deeper.  Bottom line – I felt much more centered and have more to give after spending time together. 
Thank you, Annie! Sincerely,
 -Kim Green Bay, WI

"Annie offers Amazing Tools and Healing. Sign up for this class, you will be glad you did! I attended a retreat with Annie and then did a follow up coaching session and it has turned my life around for the better. I am aligned with my purpose and taking action steps. The tools Annie offers are easy to apply and very effective. I feel calm and more inner peace than I have ever experienced. I feel good knowing that I have healed the pain from the past, and no longer take it into my future." Wishing you peace. -Terry

"Finding Your Purpose" e-workshop for $199.

Annie Lawrence"Thank you in advance! We look forward to helping you create the life of your dreams." -Annie B. Lawrence Ph.D



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